The ExpertMinds Experience

ExpertMinds puts client satisfaction at the forefront.

Once you have contacted ExpertMinds, our staff will ensure that we understand your needs and set in place an immediate triage with the specialist team.

An Expert will be allocated to your case based upon their expertise and your requirements and an appointment made at a time that is suitable to you in a location that is convenient to you.

Our Expert will call you in advance as a means of introduction and to allay any immediate anxiety about who you will meet.

If you attend our flagship clinic in the heart of Cheshire, you will be visiting the exclusive location at The Colony, where once you have passed the gated entrance you will park and be received by our concierge team who will escort you to the private lounge. Our Expert will be introduced to you and an assessment will be conducted.

We will communicate with your general practitioner (with your agreement) and other professionals involved in your care but maintain the ultimate professionalism and confidentiality.

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